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    Anu Seth

    Software Professional

    A software professional turned accidental investor. During a career break she took charge of her family finances only to realise this crucial aspect is often neglected. She re-skilled on economics and finance and her passion is to break stereotypes on financial decision making and make it centre stage in every home.

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    Vinita Jain

    Chartered Accountant & CFP

    Being a CA, she handled her family finances and learnt about investments along the way. With 13 years of experience, Pay it Forward was a natural extension of sharing this innate love for finance. She is now a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

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    Preetha Wali

    Finance Educator

    Has worked with CRY and Times of India and chanced upon learning personal finance. She is now an ardent trainer and proponent, trying to spread the message, initially by teaching the subject for almost 6 years and now conducting workshops across Bangalore.

  • Workshops: Modules & Audience


    Fin Start

    1. Introduction to personal finance .
    2. Important concepts in personal finance .
    3. Myths and mistakes .
    4. Avoiding the debt trap .
    5. Goal based planning .

    Fin Fit

    1. Asset Classification & Allocation .
    2. Risk & diversification .
    3. Tax and retirement planning .
    4. Importance of Will and Nominee .

    Fin Strong

    1. Mutual Funds and other investments .
    2. Understanding how MFs work, Types of funds and How to choose and invest .
    3. When to exit a fund .
    4. My financial basket .
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    Feb 12, 2019

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    The team at Pay it Forward bring with them an in depth knowledge and expertise in all aspects of finance. Their workshops are extremely engaging and insightful and is definitely an eye opener for many . Awesome initiative by the awesome trio - Preetha, Anu and Vinita.

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    Vinita and team , kudos for starting this initiative . The simplicity with which you'll explain a technical subject is truly amazing . The examples are insightful and would help anyone towards their goal of financial independence . All the best !

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    "People without financial knowledge, who take advice from financial experts are like lemmings simply following their leader. They race for the cliff and leap into the ocean of financial uncertainty, hoping to swim to the other side.”Robert Kiyosaki. The courses conducted by PIF help us on this path of financial knowlege. Sharp, smart and relevant.

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    Knowledgeable session. Please reach out to them for any financial assistance.

    Thank you team PIF!!

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    I had privilege to attend one of the session from PayitForward team. Anu and Preetha are knowledgable and the best thing about this team is they don't upsell any product or brand to you. It is just pure knowledge on finance. Indeed breaking the stereotypes of women aren't good with numbers/finance.

    Sundeep Goyal

    Director - Global Mobility at Lion Re

    l attended an awareness session on personal finance
    - conducted by Preetha for our organization. Session
    was well structured and content was too apt for the
    audience. Preetha explained nuances around
    personal finance so swiftly, in easy-to-understand
    language and with some great analogies - that even
    someone who doesn't know anything about finance
    - would surely get the essence and framework to
    create the right path towards financial freedom for
    themselves. Thanks you Preetha and your team for
    putting this together.

    Aditya Viswanathan

    Developer at SAP Labs | Technology and
    Theatre Enthusiast

    Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a series of
    sessions held by Pay It Forward BLR on the core
    fundamentals of Finances and Personal Financing.
    These sessions helped me understand what
    financing is and how when one plans well, they will
    put themselves in a position to secure their future.
    This provided a good foundation on various topics
    from Inflation, Insurance, Contingency plans to the
    Equity Market to name a few, and how one can
    adapt their portfolio based on their goals.
    I enjoyed the discussions on identifying our wants
    and needs and how that might shape our financial


    Rahul Sharma

    IS Co'211 Aviation Officer-HPCL| Maintenance
    Engineer-Hindalco industries| IIT-BHU

    Thank you so much for your sessions
    ma'am. The much-needed session for the
    current lifestyle. Thank you for your time
    and effort to apprise us of all these basic
    but very important concepts.

    Rajesh CR Pillai

    Practice Lead - Cloud Transformation | Modern
    Experience [IT-Workforce-Customer|Trusted

    Thanks a lot for the great session.
    Very Straight forward and Eye
    opening for me. Even I am following
    a lot of the principles which you
    have mentioned

    Srinidhi Sivakumar

    Member Of Technical Staff at VMware

    Thanks Preetha, Loved the session,
    I will be delighted to connect with
    you. Please accept my connection

    Harita Chaudhari

    Member of Technical Staff at VMware

    Hi Preetha, I attended one of your
    sessions at VMware, where I saw
    your team giving some valuable
    inputs. I want some coaching on
    personal finance and investment
    options that are suitable for me.
    How can I get to know more about
    this from your firm or who/where
    should I contact.

    Aditya Gokhale

    Director R&D at VMware

    Hi - I attended your session at
    VMware - Thank you for educating
    Had someone done this for me
    when I was 21 I would not have
    made mistakes that I did.

    Akshita Goyal

    Deloitte | Manmohan Singh Fellow

    Over the three days that Pay It Forward founders
    enlightened us on aspects of Personal Finance, I
    am ready to invest and learn more about the
    financial market. Ms. Anu Seth and Ms. Preetha
    Wali were fabulous in providing us with a
    step-by-step guide on early investing and its
    benefits without forgetting to mention the cautionary notes. The money mooners that we are, we sure needed this!
    It is a blessing that organisations like Pay It
    Forward exist to make the ABCs of Personal
    Finance clearer for beginners like me.

    Rashmi Jha

    Product Management Consultant for DevOps
    Enablement & Strategist at Dell Technologies

    Hi Preetha,
    I had attended your amazing
    Financial Planning sessions at Dell.
    Wanted to check if you could share
    your deck with me so I can refer
    back to the insights and also if you
    can spare some time to review my
    portfolio high level. Let me know a
    good time to connect.
    One more thing: I volunteered
    to take a session on "Money
    Management for Women" primarily
    aimed for govt school kids mothers
    and hence wanted to refer to some
    of the insights you had shared in
    your deck.

    Subham Chirania

    ISB'21 | IT Kanpur | CFA L2 | Edtech

    Hope that you are keeping healthy.
    Thank you for the wonderful 3-day
    personal finance course at ISB. I would
    love to connect with you on your Linkedin
    network and stay connected with you.

    Alok Mullick

    This is Alok. I recently attended your 5-day webinar course that you conducted for VMware employees.

    I must admit that it was great and made me realize that financial knowledge is a must for any individual.


    I would like to thank you all for sparing your time and conducting the session. Furthermore, I would like to get your valuable advice on a few aspects on financial investing and planning.


    Personally, I have been investing on various investment tools and hold some basic knowledge on Mutual Funds for few years now.

    I wish to detail out my portfolio holdings and other plans and seek your guidance to know, if I am on the right track or need any course correction.


    Please suggest how best I can contact you and avail your expert advice!

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