• Team

    Anu Seth

    Software Professional

    A software professional turned accidental investor. During a career break she took charge of her family finances only to realise this crucial aspect is oft neglected. She reskilled on economics and finance and her passion is to break stereotypes on financial decision making and make it centre stage in every home.

    Vinita Jain

    Chartered Accountant & CFP

    Being a CA, she handled her family finances and learnt about investments along the way. With 13 years of experience ,Pay it forward was a natural extension of sharing this innate love for finance. She is now a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

    Preetha Wali

    Finance Educator

    Has worked with CRY and Times Of India and chanced upon learning personal finance. She is now an ardent trainer and proponent, trying to spread the message, initially by teaching the subject for almost 6 years and now conducting workshops across Bangalore.

  • Workshops: Modules & Audience


    Fin Start

    1. Build Financial Preparedness
    2. Introduction to Personal Finance

    Fin Fit

    1. Build Goal Based Financial Framework
    2. Product Understanding

    Fin Strong

    1. Goal Based Planning
    2. Child education Retirement
    3. Protecting the Nest Egg
  • Clients

  • The team at Pay it Forward bring with them an in depth knowledge and expertise in all aspects of finance. Their workshops are extremely engaging and insightful and is definitely an eye opener for many . Awesome initiative by the awesome trio - Preetha, Anu and Vinita.

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